1. What are so special about the Japan Coolbit hats?

- The Japan Coolbit hats, besides other noteworthy features, have special cooling functions against hot weather, allowing a user to use water, ice cubes or ice/cooling packs, and keep one cool and refreshed at a temperature of more than 10 deg C difference for more than 3 hours under the hot sun.  

2. What features and functionalities do Coolbit hats have?

- Besides their unique cooling functions with patented super absorbent material which can keep one cool for about 3 hours, they also have UV radiation protection, and have antibacterial and deodorizing properties with anti-static fibre. The Wide Rimmed Hat also features a removable chinstrap.

3. Why should I buy Coolbit instead of a regular cap?

- Because a regular cap can only protect you to a certain extent and does not have the special cooling function. Under a hot sun with temperature of more than 40 deg C, a Coolbit hat can keep one’s head cool and refreshed at less than 30 deg C and help to prevent heat stroke and heat fatigue from happening. It allows one to enjoy outdoor activities, events, sports and work much longer with better stamina and productivity.

4. How many different kinds of product do you have and what are these?

  • - We have more than 10 different Coolbit hat models on sales, each with different colours.
  • We have the Double mesh cap for which is trendy and versatile; Wide rimmed hat for a wider surface area of coverage; Long flap cap for enhanced shading and protection; Kid’s flap cap and hat that is designed for our children;

We have the Ice pocket vest and Builder II and V, mainly for people working outdoors as it can be wear under helmet and as a regular vest but with cooling function;

We also have the Attakaro II and V Warm wear for cold weather. These fleece mufflers are made of far infrared heated fabric with specially designed muffler pockets to allows the use of heat pack to warm the back, neck and shoulder against coldness  

5. How do I use the product?

- For those with removable flaps, remove the flap and soak it in cold water for one minute and it will be ready to use for the next 3 hours until you need to re-soak it again.

For those with pockets instead of flaps, simply put in ice cubes or ice/cooling packs with water for enhanced cooling effect.

6. Is the flap removable to be used for other parts of the body?

- Yes. You can remove the flap and use it for other parts of the body. You can also rotate it so that it cools the top of your head.

7. Can anyone wear Coolbit hats?

- Yes, they are unisex and free size. There are also two hat models for children.

8. What is the UV shielding rate?

- According to the BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute Inspection results, the UV shielding rate is more than 98% covering the neck and the cheek.

9. What ages are the kids hats suitable for?

- From around 3 to 10 years old, but the caps’ design with loose rubber fitting allows even bigger children to wear.

10. Why can’t the flaps be removed for the kids series’ hat?

- This was designed in consideration of allowing kids to run and play without fearing that the protective hat flaps will fall off.

11. How many sizes does the Ice Pocket Vest come in?

- The Ice Pocket Vest comes in M (Height 155-170cm / Chest 70-90cm), L (Height 165-180cm / Chest 80-100cm), and XL (Height 175-185cm / Chest 80-110cm).

12. How can I wear the Ice Pocket Vest?

- You can wear the Ice Pocket Vest under or over any type of clothing, even professional wear, without any water leaks even if it is used with water for cooling. The apparel’s pockets are waterproof and breathable.

13. Do the Coolbit Hats come with ice/cooling packs and the Attakaro Warm Wear with Heat packs?

The Coolbit scarves come with 2 ice/cooling packs. For the other Coolbit hat models, the ice/cooling packs are easily accessible at Japan Daiso stores. Similarly, the heat packs for the Attakaro warm wear are easily accessible at Daiso stores.   

14. Will the Coolbit hats/products be dripping wet after being dipped into cold water or when used with ice/ice packs?

No. Before Coolbit hats are used, the flaps which are dipped into cold water can be squeezed dry. Due to the patented superabsorbent materials which make up the hats, they can retain some moisture and therefore coolness functioning like our sweating which keeps us cool for the next 3-4 hours.

15. Can I wash Coolbit products?

- Yes, it can be machine washed besides hand wash with normal clean water or with soap. Just lay out to dry for 18-24 hours for complete dryness.  

16. How do I initiate an exchange if product is faulty?

- Do contact us within 7 days of purchase by dropping us an email at sales@gacventures.com. Exchange shipment delivery charges however will be borne by the buyer.