Our Story

GAC Enterprise is the regional distributor of the innovative Coolbit Hats and Wear from Kobaya of Japan.

Coolbit hats and wear have unique cooling properties due to their patented super-absorbent materials that can be used with cold water, ice or ice packs to provide special cooling and refreshing effects by retaining the cooling effect for more than 3 hours despite tropical and summer heat.

Some Coolbit UV shielding products are made of materials with more than 98% UV shielding rate protection, they also have deodorizing and anti-bacteria properties, and are designed with breathable fabric that allows anyone to stay fresh and energized even under a hot sun!

The products, designed and manufactured in Japan and Vietnam for the ASEAN markets, are of the highest quality, including a number of patents from countries worldwide. They are especially suited for anyone involved in outdoor activities, hiking, sports, works, or school activities. The products are also being designed to benefit millions of farmers and motorists in the region by incorporating the innovative removable Coolbit flaps for farmers’ hats and helmets.

The products have already sold over 1 million pieces in Japan and have been featured in Yahoo Japan News and NHK Television, Japan’s largest broadcasting organization.

Its existing clientele include Japan's largest electric equipment construction company and a large airport company all maintenance staffs who have ordered more than 7200 pieces of their innovative, summer headwear as well as one of the largest energy utility companies and construction companies in Singapore. The products are also available via retail departmental stores at BHG, OG and Metro in Singapore.

Why Coolbit?

Dissipation of heat is very important for occupational health. This will vastly improve outdoor workers’ physical and overall well-being, and protect one from heat-induced lethargy and keep one refreshed and energized for a much longer period of time under the hot sun!

The Ice Pocket Vest uses waterproof material preventing one from getting wet. It contains pockets made of special superabsorbent materials that can retain moisture and coolness based on cooling function that uses ice and water as the cooling source.