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Bishop Kenneth White


Psalmist, worship leader, musician, evangelist, counselor, educator, humanitarian, pastor; these are just some of the roles that Reverend Kenneth White has been called to perform as one of God's Elect. Each role paving the road to a destiny that has span around the world; touching lives, bridging cultural gaps, and unveiling truth. Kenneth White is a native of Trenton, New Jersey, he accredits his love for the church to his parents, Elder Frank White Jr. and Missionary Nettie White, who instilled that love by example. Reverend White was nurtured and groomed in the United Holy Church and received his initial training at Greater Faith Tabernacle United Holy Church in Bordentown, New Jersey. Reverend White's exuberance and passion for the ministry of music catapulted him into the first phase of his service. As psalmist, worship leader, and musician, his anointing and purpose became evident through his spontaneity in worship, his rejuvenating nature, as well as his fervent commitment to the body of Christ. This birthed a beckoning to the next level of his ministry.

In 1975, Reverend White was united in matrimony to Margarita L. Borden. They have been blessed with three children, Kenneth Jason, LaTisha Marie, and Ashley Nicole. Reverend White was called to preach the gospel in 1972; however, he did not yield to the will of God until 1977, and was later ordained by the Northern District Convocation of the United Holy Church in 1983. The marriage of his musical characteristics and extroverted personality molded a preaching style that is all his own. He developed into a blazing evangelist with a great compassion for people, and an altruistic view on the many ills plaguing society, cradled by a strong devotion to the youth.



With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Delaware State University, and a Master's degree in Counseling from American University in Washington, D.C., Reverend White was able to filtrate the public school system in Harrisburg, PA with his strong Christian ethics, as a guidance counselor. He used this venue to deposit messages of Godly love and human kindness into children that were oppressed and dejected; he became fondly known as "The young man the Lord is calling for". He also worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer. This position, along with his many other occupations helped to shape him into a charismatic Youth Leader, Sunday School Superintendent, Trustee, and Chairman of the Minister's Board at the Antioch Tabernacle United Holy Church in Harrisburg, PA. Soon after being called to the ministry of preaching, Reverend White felt the need to increase his knowledge of the Word of God and decided to enter the Harrisburg School of the Bible and the Harrisburg Youth for Christ Bible Institute. This period laid groundwork in the building of a spiritual father, magnanimous persona, and great leader. In September 1987, his call to the pastorate was affirmed when he was sent to Linconia Tabernacle Christian Center United Holy Church in Trevose, PA. Pastor Kenneth White grew into a full-fledged "powerhouse", with rousing messages of healing and restoration, promoting unification in the small community of Trevose. Through evangelism, teaching, and sound preaching the membership at Linconia flourished, thousands of souls have been saved, and countless lives have been refurbished through the knowledge and power of Jesus Christ. His desire to pastor full-time also manifested, as God allowed Kenneth White to lead this church into a season of growth and prosperity. In a recent interview he was quoted for requesting a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Word of God so he could better lead people and be able to give an answer regarding the many problems we are facing in our society, much like King Solomon. Also, like Solomon, Pastor White has enjoyed a season of peace and renowned prosperity.

His Vision

His vision to build a new church edifice spun him into uncharted territory, as he and the Linconia Church family began to pursue the insurmountable task of rebuilding a temple. The powerful revelations and soul-stirring energy from Reverend White could no longer be restricted by their current structure, nor could they be restricted to the community of Trevose. As word of Reverend White's vivaciousness spread across county lines, it also began to transcend cultural and racial barriers. Reverend White's energy and the completion of the new Linconia Tabernacle Christian Center attributed to the overall growth of the church, as well as his growing appeal to the masses. In 1996, Reverend White was elected 2nd Vice President of the Northern District of the United Holy Church of America. His election to this standing now shines a national spotlight on him and has led him to the doors of the Office of Bishop.

Kenneth White Ministries 

Pastor White's comical personality and relevant orations encompass an in-time message, leaving listeners depicting his sermons as "cutting edge". He is a Pentecostal preacher who presents the Word of God laced with a thought provoking ribbon of realism. It is this fresh take on ministry that has offered him the opportunity to establish Kenneth White Ministries, Inc. Through this organization Pastor White hopes to be more effective in community outreach servicing and international affairs. Kenneth White Ministries, Inc. embodies every facet of his calling.

Elevation to Bishop

Presently, Pastor Kenneth White is embarking upon his new role as Bishop. While continuing his quest to serve our genaration as God's shepherd, he still remains "The young man the Lord is calling for." The scripture that has sustanined him throughout his journey is "And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Galatians 6:9 (KJV)










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