Ciao! Bonjour! The old world awaits! Europe has so many iconic landmarks and hidden gems, this is a destination worth repeating. Word of advice - don’t try to see everything in one trip. At Welcome Back Travel, we’ll focus on what YOU want to see based on your budget and how long you want to be gone. One week versus two weeks makes a world of difference! Let the experts guide you.

Speaking of guide; if it’s your first time traveling to Europe, an escorted tour is a stress-free way to explore new countries with your new-found friends! Like the idea of unpacking once? Then a river cruise is for you! Cruise down the Seine, the Danube, or the Rhine, just to name a few! Consider adding on a few nights pre- or post-cruise to explore a bit more.

If the idea of navigating your way through a foreign country sounds exciting, we can assist so that you have all the tools necessary to make what could have been a stressful trip into a memorable one! For example, driving through the countryside in Ireland is a wonderful way to explore this beautiful country. Relaxing in a pub while talking about your day over a pint; there's nothing better!

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We have handpicked these tours from Europe for our clients. If you have questions or want more suggestions, feel free to contact us!

Better to see something once than to hear about it 1,000 times.

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