“Barbara brings a skilled eye to the work of editing, along with encouragement and insight. Her
analysis of a chapter I had written cut through to understanding the main character -- at a point in
which I doubted how I was doing. She offered ideas on how to keep going and moving in the right
direction, along with endorsement that my writing wasn't taking place in an isolated space.”

PETER EISNER: Author published by Random House, William Morrow, Harper Perennial
and Rodale Press. Former Deputy Foreign Editor Washington Post. Former Foreign Editor

“Working with Barbara while in college has paid great dividends as I've made my way through
graduate school. Barbara's thoughtful editing strategies have stuck with me while writing my
Ph.D. dissertation. I've passed on her keen insights on to the hundreds of college students I've
since taught myself.”

TOM WESTERMAN Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, The University of Connecticut

“Barbara Fischkin was the epitome of a mentor for me and was able to take a young, raw, and
stubborn writer and mold me into someone who has been working as a professional writer
and editor in various capacities (newspapers, magazines, corporate communications) since
completing my undergraduate degree in 2003. Not a day goes by in my professional life where
I’m not reminded of her lessons and leadership.”


“My favorite part about taking a journalism class with Barbara Fischkin was beat reporting.
Barbara always pushed us as students to be creative with our writing and get the best sources we
possibly could. She was always very critical. However after taking her class, I grew to love print
journalism in a way I never had before.”

Jennifer Joas


"In my undergraduate journalism courses Professor Fischkin taught me how to write succinctly
and identify the facts most relevant to the issue at hand. Now, as a law student, those same skills
have proved to be invaluable in both my legal writing and legal research courses."

B.A. Political Science, Hofstra University '10
J.D. Candidate, Fordham University School of Law '13

“I currently work for an Educational website, LEARN360 as a Marketing and Public Relations
Associate. Professor Fischkin was an energetic and knowledgeable teacher who encouraged
creativity and style. She has an enthusiasm for writing that you won't find in many people. She
would speak of the intense interviews she pursued while writing her book 'Muddy Cup'. Many
of those examples helped me with my reporting throughout the semester as well as in my
profession. Ms. Fischkin helped me develop my writing skills and find my voice as a writer. While
she can attest to my unusual style, she did not judge, but embraced a different kind of writing
and helped improve and hone my skills. I can never remember a dull moment in class where she
wasn't telling us a great story, or giving students honest but never hurtful criticism. I think you will
find Ms. Fischkin to be as fun and exciting to work with as I did."


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Photography by Christopher Zach