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Short Term Insurance

Short-Term or Temporary Health Insurance can help fill the gap in health care coverage between employer group insurance or permanent health insurance plans. While it is inexpensive compared to permanent insurance, it does also have its limitations so it is important to use this coverage wisely. When searching insurance companies for this type of health insurance, it is important to keep the important factors listed below in mind


What does Temporary or Short-Term Health Insurance Cover?



Temporary or Short-Term Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions or preventive care.  Underwriting is required when applying for this health insurance. Each application contains 5 questions regarding pre-existing conditions. The insurance companies will decline your application if you have to answer yes to any of the 5 questions. You can be declined on each new application if you choose to renew.


Downfalls to Temporary or Short-Term Health Insurance!

  • This type of health insurance may be available for up to 6 months, with a few underwriting questions.
    You can reapply for Short-Term health insurance in New Hampshire up to 3 times for a maximum of 180 days per coverage period.

    An important shortfall of this type of health care coverage, is when the 180 day period is up, then the short-term coverage automatically terminates.

    If you developed a pre-existing condition, then that condition is excluded in future policies if you are renewing for an additional 6 months.

    It does not qualify as creditable coverage and as such does not prevent the tax penalty for lacking creditable coverage.


    Temporary or Short-term health insurance is great when it is used properly to fill that gap between permanent health insurance coverage. Get a short-term health insurance quote below or call us (Free Agents NH) at 603-527- 8117

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Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance is another form of temporary or short-term health insurance that can include medical insurance coverage outside of your home country. It is possible that your individual or employer group will cover reimbursement for medical expenses overseas as well. Travel Insurance is meant to be a supplement to your current health insurance. There are plans (emergency medical benefits) available for travel lasting under 6 months and other plans for travel exceeding 6 months that are more similar to traditional health insurance including preventive care, prescription drugs and other traditional medical benefits.


    Maximum Benefits can range from $10,000 (age 80 and older) to $1,000.000 (ages 69 and below).  Deductibles are selectable from 0-$2,500 per period. Medical benefits include hospital room and board, intensive care, local ambulance, emergency room, urgent care, acute onset of pre-existing conditions to a $25,000 limit, Terrorism, Crisis Response, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, emergency dental, personal liability and natural disaster coverage.  You can learn more, get an insurance quote and even apply by clicking the link below or call us (Free Agents NH) at 603-527- 8117!


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