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Special Deals

1. Five Year Fixed Pitch Propeller Inspection

In Accordance With:
CARs Part VI, Standard 625, Appendix C

"At intervals of not more than 5 years, the propeller shall be removed from the aircraft and inspected for corrosion or other defects over its entire surface, including the hub faces and the mounting hole bores. While the propeller is removed, it shall also be checked for correct dimensions"

(plus removal and re-installation if required)

2. Propeller Dynamic Balance

Having your aircraft propeller dynamically balanced is the most cost effective maintenance you can do for your airplane.

Our hundreds of hours experience in dynamic balancing have proven that airplane owners can achieve dramatic and marked improvement in smoothness of aircraft operation through the dynamic balancing of their propellers.

Smoother operation means less component fatigue and longer engine/airframe life. Excess vibration will shorten the life of internal engine components, engine accessories, alternators, avionics equipment, vacuum pumps, exhaust systems, engine baffling, spinners, brackets and more.

Reduce Pilot/Passenger Fatigue:

Vibration is a major element that increases wear and tear on airframes, but did you know it also increases pilot and passenger fatigue? Numerous studies have shown that vibration significantly contributes to pilot physical discomfort and fatigue. Excess Vibration can also effect the bodies extremities, if you find your hands or feet falling asleep during flight this is a good indicator of excess airframe vibration. Less vibration means you’ll arrive at your destination feeling better.

$299.99 per propeller(most aircraft)

3. Five Year Fixed Pitch Propeller Inspection and Propeller Dynamic Balance together for a 10% discount.

(plus prop removal and re-installation as required)

4. 24 Month Inspection/Calibration/Test of The Pitot-Static System, Altimeter, Transponder and Altitude Reporting System.

In Accordance With:
CARs, Part V - Standard 571 Appendix B and F

(Repairs to the pitot-static system, altimeter, transponder and altitude reporting system not included)

5. Annual ELT Performance Test

In Accordance With:
CARs, Part V - Standard 571 Appendix G

(removal and re-installation may be extra)

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