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Build your Web Site!

  • Customizable Product Catalog
  • Professional Layout and Design
  • WYSIWYG Web Site Editing Tools
  • Site Promotion Tool
  • Live Technical Support
  • Domain Name Registration
  • eCommerce Tools
  • and much much more...
  • more features
About Us

Paperclick Marketing |

Hi, my name is Gayanna Magcosta, and I am an internet marketing specialist located in Missoula, Montana. I have been assisting businesses with web solutions since 1992.

If you are looking for an affordable, custom-designed web site you can easily edit and publish no matter where you are in the world, I would like to invite you to give our solution a try.

Personal Service - I will personally help you get started and train you via telephone (or in person if you are in the Missoula area) on how to update your web site, create new pages, publish your site and promote it to the search engines. Since the software is hosted at the same place your site is, just log-in, make a change and publish no matter where you are, or what computer you are using.

Custom Design - Unlike other hosted site builder solutions, our web sites are custom-designed to your specifications. Your site will be built from scratch and unique to you. No brochureware here, or Flash-based templates that the search engines and on-the-go site visitors hate.

Our design team will design a web site to complement your existing brand image, or simply help you design your site from scratch. The result is a web site that is unique to you and your business.

User-Friendly Software - Our hosted software solution is constantly being upgraded to ensure you are always able to implement the newest features and functions the internet is supporting--without needing ANY technical expertise or training. As soon as a feature is available on all the popular browsers, our software designers program in the functionality and incorporate it into the software upgrades ... upgrades which are absolutely free to you as long as your site is active.

eCommerce Solutions - Easily sell anything on your site with our built-in, secure, shopping cart. No additional plug-ins or costs.

Customer Manager - Contact your customers via email with special offers or newsletters all from your web site. Again, you can be anywhere in the world with computer access and easily make changes to your site.

Do-it-Yourselfers - Are you the do-it-yourself type? Want to design your site yourself? Start with one of our basic templates and change anything you like! Add a background image or change the color. Change any color or font on the site. Add or delete photos, etc. Even newbies can design great web sites with this software. Our on-line user guide and free technical support is there to help you if you get stuck.

SEO and Site Promotion - Your site needs to be found, and our software makes it easy to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and submit your site to the hottest search engines. You don't need to be an SEO expert to get great search engine rankings, and you don't need any technical expertise. Just fill out a couple of forms.

Unlimited FREE Technical Support - Your time is best spent doing the activities that earn you money for your business--not figuring out how to use your web site software. Your $50/month hosting fee includes 100% free, unlimited technical support. Need help? Just call or or use live chat to speak with a technical support specialist. 

No Hidden Fee Hosting - Hosting is just $50 per month, includes unlimited technical support, secure eCommerce, built-in customer contact, and no hidden fees. We never charge you for being successful. No matter how many visitors you get to your site, or how many customer emails you send a month, you'll never be charged for bandwidth.

FREE Web Site Software Demo - You'ved looked around. Maybe you've even got a few bids on web site design. Perhaps you have even tried to build your own site with WordPress and were discouraged because it is cumbersome and difficult to design in.

We understand.

Choosing the right web site solution can be confusing, so before you commit to us, we'll give you a free demonstration of the software. Just call (347) 463-3259 to set up an appointment, and we will arrange for one of our web site specialists to walk you through the software so you can see how easy it is to update and publish your site and also how our technical support works. Ask all the questions you want up front.


Selling Solutions - Promoting your products and services can get expensive with pay-per-click or other online and offline advertising. We have a solution for that, too: Market America Partner Stores. As a partner store, your site will be listed on thousands of our broker's web portals, where our millions of shoppers visit daily to search for products and services. We'll bring your site visitors, and you never pay us unless we bring you buyers. Basically, you get 100% free advertising and thousands of new sales people you don't have to train and whom you only pay if they bring you a sale. Submit the Partner Store application to learn more.

Share of Customer - Your customers and clients are buying stuff you don't sell, and we offer a way for you to capture some of those dollars while helping your customers save money on the things they are already buying from thousands of other online businesses. We've already negotiated deals with thousands of well-known companies, as well as thousands of small businesses such as yours, and gathered them all together on one portal. You can partner with us to offer your clients access to great deals from these companies, as well as the opportunity to earn from 2% to 35% cash back on their everyday purchases. Contact me personally to learn more about implementing this system into your existing business model whether you have a web site or not. I'll show you how to add additional revenue into your existing business with this simple system.

Fast. Cheap. Easy. Professional.

In the past, you always had to choose one. You could get a web site fast, but it wouldn't be professional or affordable, and it certainly wouldn't be anything you could easily update yourself. I've searched for years to find a solution I could proudly deliver to my clients, and now this solution is available to you.


Gayanna Magcosta | Solution Broker