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Professional Painting and Powerwashing

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Paint Perfect, Inc. has a crew of trained professional painters working inside all year long.  We service both existing homes and new construction.  Work includes light repair of drywall, walls, ceilings, trim, water stain removal and much more.  Browse our gallery to see the diverse range of projects that we handle.

A Sample Interior Project from Start to Finish

Home Interior


Garage Interior


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Stain Repair and Touch Up

Exterior Painted homes

Exterior Stained Homes

Exterior Log Cabin homes

Exterior Barns

Painting Aluminum Siding

Wallpaper Removal

One of the most common interior projects for us is the removal of existing wallpaper.  Our system deals with the 4 major steps including removal of the decoritive paper, removal of the backing paper, removal of the glue and finally the repair as needed of the underlying wall surfaces.

Lead-Safe Projects  

If you live in a home that was built before 1978, you should only be working with Lead Safe certified companies.  It's smart and its the law!  We are certified with both the state of Massachusetts and federally through the EPA which has jurisdiction in Connecticut.

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Paint Perfect, Inc. understands that businesses and commercial projects have specific and sometimes unique requirements.  Paint Perfect, Inc. can deploy a team to get the job done efficiently and without unnecessary delay.  From sourcing the right product for the job to scheduling around the needs of a business, we get it done!


Paint Perfect, Inc. has done both interior and exterior work for area churches.  We understand that there is often a group of individuals in charge of a project.  We can put together a plan that makes sense and meet with members and directors to be sure the project goes smoothly.

Rental Properties

Paint Perfect, Inc. understands what landlords need.  We have a big enough crew to be flexible on getting the job done without delay so units can be re-rented as soon as possible.  All staff are well trained employees covered by our licenses and insurance.

Lead-Safe Projects

As a landlord, you need to comply with lead safe work practices in residential units, Period.  We have the licensing and the training to meet RRP (renovate, remodel, paint) standards in both MA and CT.   If your contractor is not a lead safe contractor, you can have big problems.  Choose a properly licensed company to do your work in pre-1978 structures, its the law!


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