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proximity marketing beacon   * * * reach prospects 300' - 3000' * * *

This is the latest in marketing technology
This BROADCASTER beacon (NF-GEM) sends your notification message IN ALL DIRECTIONS to every android phone within 100yards
Imagine all the prospects you pass every time you are out running around or how many people are at the network meeting and yet you only talk to a few.  now you can get your message on the phone so they can come to you. You don't have to miss the person that needs your product or service.  THIS IS ONE OF SEVERAL MARKETING TOOLS  Learn More  

The  BF-GEM  Radius 1200'     -     The GF-GEM  Radius  3000'

Starting December 6th - The ALL Broadcasters will work on Androids, Tablets & iPhones

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talking avatar host

Imagine the surprise your visitors will get when they meet a talking host when they visit your website.
A talking avatar is an attention getter that keeps your prospect engaged long enough to get your complete message
There are a few ways to use an Avatar host, 1) As an opening greeter.  2) As an explainer avatar about something New   
or important   3) As an exit intent Avatar to make a last-ditch effort to get their contact information
We will make a demo for you.  Click here for more details Learn More

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logo  animation & design

Did you know an animated logo is considered a video that is google compliant?  You can get better rankings from a video on your website if you do it properly.  We can animate your logo, make it twist, turn, burst, wave, swirl, build. morph and many more options

Intros, outros, Transitions Learn More

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videos that engage prospects and help get better Google rankings

Videos for your website.  Social media videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

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new  technology that offers free guest wifi 
                        and collects eMails

A Plug & Play Unit. that Builds your email contact list Automatically

Totally original marketing concept we call  Uplink Pro Guest Wi-fi    ( aka The Email-InAtor )

Why do Starbucks and thousands of other large businesses offer Guest Wi-Fi?
To collect their customers' contact information for future marketing!

What if you could do that and your customers give you their email without you having to ask for it!!

Every business owner constantly needs new contacts to market to, this is the answer to that problem.

Now instantly create your very own Free Guest Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere, anytime and collect high quality leads from everyone around you?

Here is how It works

1. The tiny unit simply plugs into your wi-fi router
2. Once plugged in it automatically offers your customers wi-fi access.
3. The see your name on the wi-fi list when they search for wi-fi service
4. In order to get access they must put in their Name & Email 
    You can also select signing in with FB, Twitter, LinkedIN or Instagram.
    A great way to build more likes and followers
5. The best part is you don't have to ask for their information, they give it automatically

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Content Writing and WordPress.org Blog Hosting

Content on Web sites is critical to engaging new and existing customers and attracting the interest of search engines like Google and Yahoo. We offer a wide range of options for managing your content, including:

  • Managed Monthly Membership with up to 10 hours per month of professional site editing and content management, along with a free Premium Responsive Design every year.
  • Content Writing Service for creating content that yields results.
  • WordPress.org blog installation and hosting.

And since our software lets you modify all text, images, colors, backgrounds and components of your Web site as often as you like, you can continue to update site content to keep it relevant and fresh as your business grows. Learn More

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