Wisconsin Built Homes vs Site Built Homes

Site-built and system-built construction are nearly identical – wall studs 16 inches on center, similar roof trusses, virtually all the same building materials fitted together in the same manner. Once complete, a Wisconsin Home and a site-built home are indistinguishable from one another. The difference is.....that while a site-built home is put together board by board, piece by piece on location, Wisconsin Homes are built as large components in a factory, which are then delivered to the home site and assembled.


Wisconsin Homes are better built. First, its construction is more precise. System-built construction is done within the controlled environment of the factory. CAD computer software calculates measurements that are used on jigs to assist in numerous components. Large jigs hold parts in correct alignment for assembly. Your home is constructed by a trained specialist experienced in a specific area of home construction. A third-party inspector checks each stage and assures the home meets all state building codes as its destination site.

Second, because the components have to be transported by truck and then lifted into place by a crane, Wisconsin Homes are engineered and built stronger. In fact, Wisconsin Homes contain 20 to 30 Percent more material than site-built homes.


Because of their precision construction and incorporation of more materials, a Wisconsin Homes house is tighter and more energy-efficient than a site-built home.

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