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Beyond the Four C's

What You Should REALLY Know Before You Buy a Diamond


by Joshua Fishman


I am proud to announce that the Second Edition of Beyond the Four C's is now available. The Second Edition covers more issues which I  believe are essential to understanding the ins and outs of diamonds before you start the buying or selling process. There are several other books which purport to teach you about the Four C's. What makes my book unique is that I discuss not only the overly-simple elements of the Four C's (carat, color, clarity and cut), I also take you well beyond these basics.

I have incorporated  my over 30 years of experience in the diamond industry to discuss those elements of the Four C's which are not covered by the simple basics. These are elements I personally evaluate when I purchase diamonds for my own inventory. This is what I want to share with you.

What are the pitfalls and complexities that you have to be aware of in evaluating these Four C's? Why can two diamonds with the same grade be priced differently? What is Ideal Cut all about? How should you go about selling a diamond if you need to?  And many other subjects. I am passionate about diamonds and eager to share insightful strategies with those considering a diamond jewelry purchase or loose diamond investment.  Beyond the Four C’s is a valuable resource you’ll refer to again and again, whenever you want to bring sparkle into someone’s life.

Joshua Fishman


How to Buy a Diamond of Real Beauty

The best diamond book will change the way you shop for diamonds. By going "Beyond the Four C's” you’ll have guidance in how to buy a diamond, while properly evaluating its quality, appearance and authenticity. Open your eyes to what’s beneath the shine! Gain the facts you need and locate the grade you desire – at a fair price. This ultimate book about diamonds and diamond education helps you choose a stunning diamond ring, pendant, bracelet or single diamond, by using both your head and heart.

Your Diamond Education Resource

I believe that Beyond the Four C's is the preeminent diamond-buying book for men and women who want to be educated owners with pride in their purchases. As a third-generation diamantaire, I am dedicated to diamond education for all types of buyers. I offer you my expertise, so you can learn about diamonds and the critical factors in selecting them. Find out what you really need to know before buying diamonds. Order Beyond the Four C’s. Then, find that ideal diamond!