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Memorials and Decorations

Grave space is sold for the intention of a single burial or maximum of two ash interments.  Only single flat bronze memorial markers are allowed in the park.  Prices for grave spaces vary by block location and proximity to access within each block.  Considerations are provided for Baby Land, and members of organizations that have contractually reserved sections within the park.  All prices are approved by the State of New York, Department of State, Division of Cemeteries.  Prices for graves range from around $3,230.00 to $5,215.00. Columbaria Niches are in the thinking stages.  For a complete schedule contact our office

At White Chapel Memorial Park, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a selection of interment properties, burial options and services including:

Interment service charges include the opening, closing and restoring the grave space as well as the provision of a lowering device for caskets, artificial grass for lining the grave opening, a mound cover, six chairs and recording fees.  A concrete vault is required for all casket interments.  A special urn or vault may be provided for interning cremated remains, but is not required.

Standard casket interment charges are approximately $1830.00 for services Monday through Friday before 3 PM, any thing after 3pm is $110.00 per half hour. All Saturdays interments are subject to additional charge of  $385.00 before 11am. Anything after 11am is an additional  $110.00 per half hour.  All Sundays interments are subject to additional charge of $770.00 before 11am. Anything after 11am is an additional $110.00 per half hour. There is a price consideration for Babyland, Children,  Public Assistance and Veterans.  Additional services are available as an option including; Chapel Tent; additional chairs; matting from the road to grave site; after hours, Saturday or Sunday interments; and moves and removals.  A Pre-Need option is available for burial trust funds these services which is updated annually to current prices .  All prices are approved by the State of New York, Department of State, Division of Cemeteries.  For a complete schedule contact our office

*** 1 Ash on top of casket / as long there is no open grave around the family grave area. The cost is $1190.00.

White Chapel Memorial Park complements it's name by allowing only single 24" by 12" Flat Bronze Memorials.  We offer a wide variety of these memorials from several different companies.  Standard markers include two to three lines for names and dates plus one additional inscription line of up to four words.  You can add further customization such as emblems, specialized text, pictures, etc. depending on the manufacturers available options at additional cost.  Prices vary by your selection and begin around $2575.00 which includes foundation and installation.  Outside and Veteran provided markers meeting these standards can be installed at a charge of about $500.00  For additional information or to view sample memorials, contact or visit our office.

AFTER MEMORIAL DAY:: Raising & cleaning memorial are $140.00 per memorial.

Cleaning service is $70.00  per memorial.

White Chapel offers both Summer and Winter decorations and variety and options may vary according to available market offers.  You can request to be notified of these offers an contact the office to place orders.  We also offer a FVPC (flower vase & plant container)  that is placed at ground level on the grave site for fee of $110.00 for the set. There is change for replacing any of these containers. This is a convenient method for placing both real and artificial flower decorations as desired.  Any above grave decorations are restricted

If you have any question concerning interment property, interment services and options, memorials or decorations, or pricing  please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.

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