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On Pointe Security is owned and operated by Joey Lapointe who has over 15 years in the industry. His background encompasses all aspects of the alarm industry including alarm system technician, salesman, and manager. An integral part to the vision of On Pointe Security is to be accessible and responsive to each customer in order to meet and exceed their specific needs. On Pointe Security’s commitment to service is second to none. Reliable service will always be the foundation of the business. Why choose On Pointe Security for your security needs? On Pointe Security customers can expect professional high-quality design and timely installation of all security solutions. Communication is an integral part of the business foundation. Whether we are providing a new security system or adding to an existing system, we stay in constant communication with all parties involved. This internal and external communication ensures complete customer satisfaction. Fill out the contact information below or call to request a no obligation quote.

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On Pointe Security serves the local communities in all of Maine.

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