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We have installed your GenGuard systems on our (6) main turbine generators on the Shell Perdido platform, operating in 8000 feet of water off the Gulf of Mexico. Since the units were installed almost two years ago they have saved us countless man hours with the automatic testing capabilities and have allowed us to prevent several generators from failing on start up. We are using these units on several of our other platforms in the Gulf with the same success.
From :Samuel Torres, Electrician, Shell Offshore -Perdido Platform (Shell Offshore, Oil Industry)
Date :2015-06-01

“I learned about MegAlert at a trade show about 10 years ago. It seemed like a useful device so we bought 3 MegAlert units and installed them on those motors that are most critical to our operation. With a facility such as ours, dealing with damp conditions and the damage it can cause is a real concern and can be very costly. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this product. Over these 10 years MegAlert has prevented damage to expensive and critical motors operating pumps and blowers at our treatment plant. It has also saved us time by not having to change out damaged motors. We operate our PM program in a very proactive manner and the efficient operation of our utility is reflected in user rates that are near the lowest in the area. We consider MegAlert to be an important part of that PM program.”
From :Tom Steinbach, Operations Manager, Oconomowoc Water Treatment Plant (Wastewater)

A few years ago after experiencing some generator failures, due to moisture problems, on our offshore platforms we purchased Meg-alert GenGuard systems to help us combat these problems. We installed the GenGuard systems on the 4 Megawatt Gas Turbine Gensets on our platforms GI-116, ST-308 and EI-346 . Since installing the GenGuard systems we have saved several generators from failing on startup and were able to then dry out the generators in place and continue operations without any unexpected downtime. The maintenance cost savings and increased platform uptime have more than paid for the initial system costs. In addition we are now able to safely bring a platform online, after a hurricane evacuation, quickly and safely without the danger of blowing a generator. I am also very pleased with the ability to safely monitor our generators condition, 24/7 whenever they are down, without having to do the testing manually by hand. Keeping our electricians out of the high voltage cabinets increases our platform safety for our maintenance crews which is an important added benefit of the systems. I plan to add more Meg-alert systems to the other platforms in my area to protect the generators and critical motors as well.
From :Carlos Cerna, Automation Foreman, Apache Corp.,Area 7 Gulf of Mexico (Apache Corp, Oil Industry)

A year ago we installed (28) MotorGuard units on critical 4160 V motors and MultiGuard units protecting (59) critical 480 V motors in our plant. To date we have already identified (2) 4160 V motors and (2) 480 volt motors with ground issues and were able to prevent them from failure. These systems work, they save the company money, and they minimize forced outages. We are very pleased with all the benefits and added plant safety they provide to our facility.
From :Dave Mesquita, Maintenance Manager, Southern California Generation Plant (Utilities)

We installed MotorGuard systems on (9) of our 4160 volt motors operating critical York chiller compressors in our Baton Rouge Plastics facility. The service and assistance we received from Meg-alert during the installation and startup of the systems was exceptional. So far in the first year we have caught two ground problems due to moisture on the windings and prevented an imminent motor failure. We like the fact that we have eliminated the chore of manually testing these motors before each startup which is mandated by the high humidity environment that they operate in. These systems have already paid for themselves and I am confident they will continue to save the company maintenance dollars for many years to come.
From :Ricky Loupe, Electrical Staff, Formosa Plastics (Petrochemical)

"I purchased the Meg-alert system in 2002, 10 years ago and I've never had a problem with it. We use the Meg-alert system to protect the motors here at Lock and Dam No. 7 on the Mississippi River and the system has saved many motors from failing on startup over that time. In addition to warning us if there is going to be a failure of a motor, the Meg-alert also helps dry out the wet wiring. And because moisture is such a problem at a lock and dam, this is a great benefit. I would advocate that the Army Corps of Engineers install the MegAlert on all Locks and Dams nation-wide to allow for remote testing and monitoring of all critical motors and generators. With the amount of barge traffic we see in any given day it is vital that we are always able to operate the lock and Dam and we are never shut down because of a motor problem. The Meg-alert systems provide us that reliability!
From :Bert Backman, POC, Lock and Dam No.7, Minnesota (Army Corp. of Engineers)

DTA is a coal shipping and ground storage facility that ships coal all over the world. The coal is shipped into the facility via railcar and shipped out via ships; therefore it is critical that all equipment is continuously in good operating condition. While researching methods of improving efficiency and ensuring personnel safety for the facility we were introduced to Meg-alert MotorGuard systems. Two years ago we purchased a number of Meg-alert MotorGuard units for our critical 4160V and 480V motors. The systems have allowed us to track and trend the motors at all times when they are not in use. Having these systems installed helps to reduce emergency downtime which has the potential to affect more than one process in our facility. Testing the motors continuously while offline and before every startup has allowed us to eliminate several motor failures and keep our terminal operating at optimal efficiency. In the past the motors were manually tested which was time consuming and posed a danger to maintenance personnel. Using the Meg-alert systems allows us to free up maintenance staff for other important duties and keeps them from being exposed to dangerous Arc Flash conditions. The systems have more than paid for themselves already and we are now in the process of adding more Meg-alert systems in our facility.
From :Greg Gavin, Manager of Technical Services, Virginia (Dominion Terminal Associates, LLP)

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