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It is a proven fact that workplace exercise & wellness programs can reduce insurance costs, decrease absenteeism, injury rates, and improve job performance. We design, operate, and deliver employee wellness programs for businesses and school districts. Our goal is to improve the health of employees and to create a more productive work environment. Our primary services are:

Group Fitness          Personal Training        Weight Loss        Just Results        TLS Challenge        Corporate Gym Design      

Fit Friendly Employee Weight Loss & Exercise Competition        Wellness Education (Stress Management, Sleep Training For Adults, Building A Better Routine)

  • Costs are based on number of employees and services requested. We are a provider of Blue Shield of Northeaster NY Insurance and MVP Health wellness plans . Many of our services are free to employees with these  plans.

Our process begins with conversations with management to determine wellness goals as well as  company assets which can be used to support wellness programs. Our staff then assess employee interest and preferred meeting times. Based on employee interest, and in partnership with management, we develop a customized wellness plan to provide the services to enhance employee physical and emotional health.

Contact:  Judith Cox 518-505-2669

Wellness Education

Wellness education classes are often provided as lunch and learn sessions. They are customized to meet the specific needs of employees. Popular classes include mindfulness, nutrition, fitness planning, & managing health conditions.

Group Fitness Classes

Employee participation in fitness classes increases when it can be  offered at the work-site. If  you have a fitness center or  indoor/outdoor space for exercise we can provide group fitness at your business.

Personal Training

If you have an on-site gym, we can provide personal training at your business. Our trainer also offers classes to help employees learn to safely execute a meaningful workout utilizing the on-site equipment. Click here!

Just Results /TLS- 30 Day Jump Start Kit

Just Results is a virtual or on-site program with a wellness consultant. Minimum of 15 participants. Click here!

TLS - 30 day Jump Start kit can be done with our without a wellness consultant. Click here!

Stress Management

Stress management is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century for employers. 

Gym Design

We can help you design a corporate gym for your employees. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

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