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Fitness Professionals On Demand, Inc. offers personal training at the work site, in-home, ABC Sports and Fitness, Latham, NY, and a private location in Clifton Park.

Personal training will help you set up and follow a customized resistance program as well as providing the client nutritional guidance.

Personal Training

One of the most effective ways to reach your wellness goals is to work with a qualified personal trainer. A qualified personal trainer should have a degree, certification, experience, and look the part.  Your personal trainer should provide a proper strength training/nutritional plan based on your needs analysis.

Personal training might be what you need to you get past a plateau and definitely what you need if you are just starting out.  A good trainer will provide you with the knowledge and support that is needed to achieve your goals.  Based on your needs analysis (evaluation), your personal trainer will develop and implement your new regime. This will be a lifestyle change!

Joe Cox, the personal trainer for Fitness Professionals On Demand, has over 26 years of experience.  He has worked with individuals of all ages and fitness levels including those with special needs.

Joe is a certified personal trainer and holds a degree in science and humanities along with continuing education in human nutrition and athletic training.  Joe has worked in many different fitness environments including corporate fitness, hospitals, franchise fitness centers, privately owned centers, and personal residences.

Training packages can be designed to meet the goals of the client. A popular personal training program offered by Joe is the Wedding March.

The Wedding March

Designed to ensure the Bride-To- Be, look her best on her wedding day!  Double the fun by having the Maid of Honor join the Bride in the Wedding March Package.   The Wedding March is a 3-12 month personal training program.

Commercial and Residential Gym Design

Facility design for residential or commercial gyms is also available.  Joe has direct contact with equipment companies (e.g Life Fitness) providing the best availability and pricing. He has designed nine facilities in the Capital District. 
Designing a fitness facility or exercise room must be done in a specific way that maximizes floor space with the proper choice of equipment. We  provide you quality and personalized services from initial planning through final installation.  We will advise you on equipment options & ordering, flooring, locker rooms, and décor. Each project is custom designed to meet your budget and objective.

To schedule personal training or gym design consult contact Joe at:  518 573 7928







Meet our Head Trainer

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