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When you own a business, it is important that you keep your place of business and your vehicles looking great and in top shape. The appearance you present to your customers is the first impression that you make on your customers and it will set the pace for what they should expect to see once they're inside. That is why pressure washing commercial buildings and especially store fronts, awning, parking lots and fleets has become routine maintenance for most businesses.

Looking professional and creating a great first impression are just a few of the reasons you need to keep your building and equipment clean. Another good reason is to reduce repair costs. Power washing will remove harmful dirt, grease, pollution and other elements before the damage caused by buildup can occur. Save money while keeping your business looking its best - what could be better than that!

Below is a sample of some of our commercial services. We have had many clients in the private and public sectors, large and small. Contact Us today to discuss how Boston Power Wash can help your business look its best.


  • Services for fleet owners, operators, owner-operators
  • Exterior washing
  • Detailing
  • Undercarriage washing, engine degreasing
  • Trailer washouts
  • Graffiti removal


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  • Hood and vent cleaning to prevent fire and avoid fines
  • Sidewalks
  • Awnings
  • Loading docks
  • Dumpster areas
  • Graffiti removal

Heavy Equipment

  • Exterior wash
  • Degreasing
  • Preventative maintenance wash
  • Radiator cleanouts to prevent overheating

Facility Service

  • Landscaping
  • Office Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Floors and Carpets
  • Street Sweeping
  • Snow Plowing


  • Trucks
  • Restaurants
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Facility Services

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  • Siding
  • Decks
  • Brick
  • Houses
  • Gutters
  • Roof Washing

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  • Environmental Spill Cleanup
  • De-Icing of Nitrogen Tanks

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  • Hood / Vent / Exhaust Cleaning
  •  City of Boston & MA License

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Boston Power Wash

Cares about our planet and the environment!
All of our services are performed in compliance with standards mandated by the EPA and the Clean Water Act.
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