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Video Widget

Welcome to our tutorial on our video widget for your website. The video widget is an easy to use way to display your video files online. This widget is primarily used for videos you have created and uploaded directly to the system. For information about embedding videos uploaded to other services such as YouTube, please view our tutorial on Code Widgets. To begin click the arrow below next to a topic below and our visual guide will appear. To advance to the next step simply click the next button inside the appropriate box.

  • Click the Add to Page button on the yellow toolbar.
  • Click New Widget.
  • Click Video.
  • Click Upload Video(s)
  • The Upload Video(s) window will open. Click Add Files.
  • Navigate your computer to find and select the video(s) you want. When finished, click Start Upload. When the upload has finished, click Close.
  • Your video will appear as Converting for a few minutes. Once it is complete, it will show a thumbnail of your video. From here, you can use any of the methods from the Add a Widget page to add it to your page.
  • The video widget has two sections you can edit, Display Options and Title.
    • Video File - You can select a new video from the File Manager by clicking Select Video.
    • Initial Screen - You can select what appears to the visitor before the Play button is clicked. The options are First Frame, Middle Frame, Last Frame, Specific Time, and Transparent (in case you want to use a background image not included in the video).
    • Window Mode - Controls how the video interacts with other content on the page, specifically if there are overlaps. The three options are described in detail in the ? text next to the option.
    • Auto Play - Determines whether the video begins playing immediately upon visiting the page.

  • The Title section lets you add text that will appear above the video, informing visitors what the video is about.

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