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Google Map Widget

Welcome to our tutorial on adding Google Maps to your website. The Google Map widgets provide an easy to use way for your customers to find your business. Whether you have a single location, or multiple locations, our system allows you to add multiple maps to your website. This makes it easy to add a new location, or add a map to a one time event your business is hosting. To begin click the arrow below next to a topic below and our visual guide will appear. To advance to the next step simply click the next button inside the appropriate box.

  • To learn how to add a new Google Map Widget, please follow the instructions on the Add a New Widget page
  • Move your mouse over the Google Map widget you would like to edit. The map will highlight in orange and the Hover Menu will appear.
  • Click Edit
  • The Google Map widget will open.
  • Enter the full address (without unit number) you would like to display, then click Size & Zoom.
  • Enter the Height you would like the map to be, select a Default Zoom Level, then click Apply.

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