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WELCOME TO YOUR ONLINE SALES ENGINE!  We are proud to be a part of your E-Commerce Solution.

Our 'connected' economy demands that businesses to be more fluid, more adaptable to change and be present where your customer are.

Brick-and-mortar model is no longer the only option for your business (and we don't mean to imply that it's not important - it is still a strong buying influence in the 'local-local' movement). Transitioning to the Online-to-Offline and Offline-to-Online model means your business has a much more extensive reach, 24/7, with very low incremental coast and great Return-On-Investment.

Always remember - it's about you - about your business - where and how it grow - online 24/7! We are here to help you make that transition. Our team of expertise has extensive experience in helping customer grow their online business, with state of the art creative solutions in web presence, digital marketing, e-commerce and more. Our online business solutions are specfiically geared to help you bring your business to a new, higher level of profitability - without the high overheads commonly associated with traditional expansion.

Kindly take the time to explore your online solutions - with us. This unique opportunity for business success is yours.

Moving with the trend of customers' online purchasing pattern, our solutions responses to multiple platforms from desktop, notebook, tablet to smartphone. Freedom to update your website and no tie-down of unreasonable contracts - that's how confident we are that you will find us giving you the best value without the hidden add-ons cost associated with solutions else-where. We love doing business in a straight forward, customer-focused way. We are here for you 24/7, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on growing your business.

There probably are many questions in your mind - and that's great!

We are here to address any questions you may have and offer solutions that will work for your unique scenario - we are very good in that!

A call to us may change your business fortune for the better. Let's chat and see how we can come along side, helping you grow business Online.

Tony & Annette Chia
B. Business Admin, MCSA
B. Sc, UBC Graduate Certificate (TBDL : Technology-based Distributed Learning)

604.253.1230 (Tony)
604.760.2004 (Annette)


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