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Supreme Garage Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company formed by a team of passionate automotive engineers specializing in continental and JDM automobiles including Supercars. Our engineers are highly accredited in the industry backed by years of experience achieving multiple accolades within their careers. This is evidential through enormous recommendations and feedback which we are extremely proud of. Our focus is on customer satisfaction where we will constantly strive to be the best if not the forefront in the industry and to re-equip ourselves with updated knowledge base to cater to the ever-changing environment giving the best service and advise to our clients.

The Company was setup solely based on their demands of personalized services by Individual mechanics with specialist skills obtained and developed over their entire automotive engineering careers at different companies. Their highly accredited skill-set have evolved over time which involves continental and JDM automobiles including Supercars engine management diagnostics, service and repair.

Clients of Supreme Garage know their own “personal” mechanics and have full confidence in each of their skills. This trust-bond ensures a friendly and healthy relationship while providing the quality care your care deserves. Our engineers and mechanics are constantly updating their expertise and competency so as to provide the right yet proper advice to all our clients.



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