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The Slater Atlas Stone Mold 







The Atlas Stones are perhaps the most recognizable part of the sport of strongman. They are a part of almost every single contest, and usually held at the end as a way to truly

decide who is the strongest of all the competitors.

Atlas Stones are also a favorite piece of training equipment for the most serious strength enthusiasts.

Steve Slater pioneered the art of making Atlas Stones when he invented his Slater Stone Molds in 1998.

Since then, he has made THE BIGGEST and HEAVIEST Atlas Stones on earth, and is the guy that

everyone calls when they want to know how to make the world's best atlas stones.

As Stone Lifting has become more popular, the need for the Slater Stone Mold has been ever-increasing.

Steve has put together great system for you to make atlas stones, so that all of the time and care you put into building them leaves you with a stone you can be proud of, and that you can lift for years, developing unparalleled strength, and allowing you to perform at a high level in the sport of strongman or in other sports that demand, strength, power, and explosion.


Stone Making Materials:

In this section, we show you the materials that you need to be using to make high quality stones. The days of mixing concrete up in a wheelbarrow with a hoe and then scooping it out or pouring it through a funnel are over. go with our concrete mixing bag that we offer to make your project easy.

Proper Mold Preparation:

With Slater Stone molds, it is easily possible to make, 20, 40 or even 50 stones out fo the same mold, but only if you do it right. use our mold release, gorilla tape and maybe even the shrink wrap we offer so the mold is kept clean and lasts you for years.

And I'd imagine the idea of making several dozen stones from the same mold sounds like a pretty good return on your investment, right? this is what is going to happen if you use the products that we suggest because these items have been used in the real world of making atlas stones.

How to Use Inserts:

When making Atlas Stones, sometimes you need to make the stone heavier or lighter than the normal mixture will produce. We offer heavy and light inserts for your mold to add prior to filling them so that you can make graduated atlas stones.

By incorporating inserts, you can make a series of stones with a wide range of weights, all with the same size diameter. Having a larger variety of stones means quicker results in faster time.


How to Mix the Concrete:

In the past, mixing concrete could be an absolute nightmare. Using the handy concrete mixing bags that Slater's makes available, mixing concrete is a piece of cake.

These bags also make filling the mold a cinch.

Filling the Mold:

Filling the mold with the concrete mixture involves more than just pouring the mixture into the fill hole. There are many other things to take into account when filling your stone mold to make sure the stone you pull out is of the highest quality, with as smooth a surface as possible, and one that works well for you, whether the lifter uses tacky or does not these tips are included in our instructions. 

Opening the Mold:

Opening the mold is another crucial step in ensuring your atlas stone looks great. Our instructions show you everything you need to effortlessly open the mold while also making sure you keep the stone round and smooth as possible.


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