We provide external stimulation by choosing the various type of scalp treatment and internal nutritional support, in a structured and supportive program. When an effectual program is applied, the hair response is genuine and outcomes occur in the normal cyclical pattern. The concept is care and provides a healthy environment of the hair follicle and maintain and prolong hair growth cycle.

With various types of hair, treatment provides for different kinds of the condition of hair need, from hair rebuilder to rebuild hair bond, to hydration and replenish moisture, refill of keratin as well and hair filler. All treatments will carefully diagnosis and prescribe according to the hair needs; modifying and smoothen your hair.

Why should I consult a Trichologist?

As Sue Liew is a certified Trichologist, she is professionally trained in the diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp problems. She is also trained in all aspects of hair science, hair care and hair processing. She adopts systematic and scientific methods to identify the hair and scalp problems before recommending a suitable regime for the hair and scalp. 

Why is it important to get an early diagnosis and treatment?

It is crucial to get an early diagnosis as once the follicles or 'hair roots' are dead, it will be too late for treatment. Before your condition deteriorates further, get an early diagnosis by a qualified trichologist, who can help you treat the root of the problem. 

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