About Sue Liew

My Mission

The root of maintaining shiny, smooth locks of hair starts from having a healthy scalp. My mission is to assist clients in restoring their overall hair and scalp health, and I take pride in providing solutions to clients' needs and concerns. Having healthy hair boosts our confidence, and it is my joy to share my expertise in scalp care with people and help them on their journey.

About Sue Liew

Caring, knowledgeable and relatable, Sue has massed a growing number of achievements for hair care during her 32 years in the hairdressing industry. Her repertoire of skills includes haircuts, up-styling, hair colouring, and treatments, targeting specific areas of concern.

Specialising in scalp treatment and hair care, her passion in this area stems from her own personal experience with hair loss. For a decade, following her move to Singapore many years ago, she faced high levels of stress due to changes in lifestyle and environment and suffered hair loss as a result.

Time and time again, Sue tried various methods to alleviate the problem and during that process, it dawned on her that many customers were struggling with similar problems. Inspired by her own journey, she became dedicated to helping clients who suffer from hair loss and started attending specialist classes to train her skills.

From 2016 to 2018, she pursued Hair Practitional Certificate through International Association of Trichologists, and she is now a certified Trichologist.

With a plethora of knowledge on hair care under her belt, clients can look forward to a soothing, pleasant experience towards healthy hair.

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