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We believe the Internet levels the playing field for all businesses, from the solopreneur to the emerging corporation.  Cost shouldn't be a barrier to having an awesome website and a great digital presence.

You know your business, and I know digital marketing. Let me be your digital marketing partner. I have a marketing background and have been working in the digital realm for over 15 years. I've helped dozens of clients clarify their unique selling proposition, get their message out on the web, then figure out the best digital marketing tools to help grow their business.

Web Design

We specialize in working with the small business owner to provide attractive, state-of-the-art, industry specific websites, providing business owners with an immediate solution to creating a robust online presence. We provide a comprehensive website development service to our clients: from strategy to design to delelopment to management, we provide guidance to the small business owner every step of the way. Looking to get into e-commerce? Business owners are given the opportunity to economically establish an effective e-commerce presence to compete on an even playing field.

Our unique browser-based website software allows you to make modifications to your website with no programming or HTML knowledge required. All modifications are immediately posted online. This ensures that your website is up-to-date at all times without waiting for, or paying for, a webmaster's service. With unlimited toll free technical support and customer service, as well as extremely user-friendly software,  managing your website content is easy.

Digital Marketing

While it starts with having a great website, your website can't do its job if no one sees it. To that end, we provide multiple digital marketing services. Google Ad Words campaigns to send traffic to your website, Facebook management to build exposure, email marketing to stay top-of-mind, and more!

We are the only digital service provider that allows our clients to house all of their digital marketing in one place. So that your Facebook manager is talking to your blog writer; your SEO expert is working with your Google ads campaign manager; your Analytics comprises your website traffic, social insights, and ad words campaigns. It all works together, seamlessly, to create a comprehensive digital presence all managed by you, with a single point of contact. Everything works together synergistically to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate components.


I'm your digital marketing partner and my support doesn't end when your website goes live. Considering a new direction? Questions about how this all works? Ready to expand? Call me and let's chat.

In addition to the knowledge and expertise I provide, I have an amazing team of digital specialists. This allows me to offer my clients expert knowlege specialized areas such as Google ad campaigns and Facebook targeted marketing. Not only do my customers benefit from my knowledge & experience and the expertise of my team, but my customers have 24/7, US-based technical support available to them. Working on website updates at 2am? Someone is there to answer the phone and walk you through the entire process until you are satisfied.

Too many website updates to manage on your own? Let my team handle it for you, at an affordable price that won't break your budget and will insure that your website is always current.


Small business owners have challenges. I get it - I'm a small business owner, too. Let me use my skills, experience, and expertise to help your business suceed in the online arena.

Anna K Amendolare


Let's Chat!

I offer complimentary website audits and I'm always open to talking with small business owners about their unique marketing challenges.

Phone: call or text: 240-523-3809
Email: akamendolare (at) gmail (dot) com