This book is written from many years of experience and research as someone who was born in Laos, grew up in Thailand refugee camps, and resettled in the United State as a teenager with nothing but a pair of old and patched clothes on my back.  Throughout the countless years of my personal struggles, I survived many levels of challenges, such as, escaping from Laos to Thailand to be freed from political persecution, surviving in a refugee camp from sicknesses and hunger, coming to America with zero English and skill set, in order to become a language instructor, marriage and family counselor, and Mien language and cultural consultant.

Look inside – by looking inside of this book, you will discover that the book presents many cultural, social, and educational challenges that are facing today’s Mien and other Asian marriages and families.  With so many individuals, couples, and families are now living in the United States from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, there are various communication styles among the different ethnic groups that play a key role in determining the success and failure of today's marriages and family relationships.  From the combined years of my research and personal experiences in working with individuals, couples, and families from different cultural, social and educational setting, I have the honor and privilege to write this book, with practical implications for individuals, couples, parents, pastors, community leaders, therapists, educators, and researchers.

Copyright 2013 Dr. Youd Sinh Chao. All Rights Reserved.