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Die Cast Resources

Universal Die Cast has a variety of casting machines and finishing machines designed for precision zinc castings.

We have 14 automatic multi-slide die casting machines that vary in die head size from 2" square up to 5"  X  8".  We designed and built these machines to produce the high quality castings our customers require at a tooling and piece price unmatched in the industry. Click here to view animation.

We also have conventional die casting machines capable of producing die casting weighing up to 3 pounds. These machines also operate automatically. Conventional trim tools are not required since the tooling is designed for flash free operation.

Universal Die Cast has complete parametric solid modeling capabilities which has allowed us to achieve much greater consistency in both our tool and product design areas. We frequently assist our customers in the design stages of their projects in order to develop a casting that will satisfy the required functionality with a design that is consistent with the requirements of the die cast process.

Die Cast Resources