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Die Cast

We specialize in miniature, small, and medium sized zinc die cast parts using a variety of certified zinc alloys. Universal Die Cast Company  is a zinc die casting business. Formerly known as Almora Die Cast Company which was established in 1975. Our customer base includes leading companies in the automotive, agricultural and commercial fields.
Using in-house technical services we are able to assist customers in casting design and quality management. We have the capability to bring a part from concept into a 3D solid model. Using several different techniques we can provide zinc prototypes for functional approval. And finally produce a functional die casting for a minimal piece price.
Universal Die Cast has high volume capacity and high-speed production machines. (View tool animation) We can perform secondary operations on parts, including automated drilling, tapping and machining. Design and assembly of special machinery for metal removal or automated assembly can be done internally.

Die Cast

With designing and machining facilities at hand, we can react quickly to our customers needs.