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Why ReGen Next?

Because what you think matters.

Watch your THOUGHTS, they become WORDS.

Watch Your WORDS, they become ACTIONS.

Watch Your ACTIONS, they become HABITS.

Watch Your HABITS, they become CHARACTER.

Watch Your CHARACTER, it becomes your DESTINY.

Regenerate your thinking. Regenerate your LIFE.  ReGen Next.

We started collecting data in 2012 from high school students utilizing our ReGen Next Survey.  The results help us to identify the topics that teens feel are relevant.  In 2016, we added a College Edition survey for young adults. The insight we gained was valuable.  One thing we learned was that, regardless of the school setting (rural, urban, public or private),
relationships are important.

We created this website in response because healthy relationships are important to us, too.  So,  whether family, friend or significant other, we want to help you take your relationships from controlling to caring, from chaos to calm, from convenience to commitment.

But, wait!  We’ll also answer your questions about sex, health, life, family issues, faith, school and everything else you’ve let us know is on your mind. At ReGen Next, we HEAR you and we are
HERE for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Now, let us give you some things to think about because what you THINK matters.  ☮

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