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An essential element of having beautiful healthy plants is choosing the correct varieties for your environment, and preparing them correctly to optimize their acclimation to the conditions in your space.

Whether we are creating a two-story living wall for you or an installation of freestanding potted plants, we carefully inspect the plants in our Plant Room, custom potting for the specific environments, taking into account the lighting, humidity and other variables. They are pruned to maximize their use of light, treated with biological nematodes to prevent a common plant pest, and leached for soluble salts. Only then are they ready for installation, ready to grace your space for years.

From Start to Finish

An empty built-in planter at the top of a stairway with low to medium artificial lighting is begging for inspiration! The newly renovated spot can become much more than just a place to pass through. With no elevator in a lovely old building, people could use some motivation for climbing or descending those stairs.

After client consultation on their preferences, we create a design for feedback and approval. We choose neon pothos for the ground cover to give a strong contrast to the deep greens of the most handsome of all the palms, the rhapis palm, and hints of burgundy with the rubber plant. The planter is filled out with Tarzan plants, compactas and snake plants as good choices for low light.

We install the plants with waterproofing and saucers, keeping them in their individual pots so that we may switch any out any time that is needed. But the continuous topdressing gives the planting a finished look to make it appear as a bedding garden.

The final result is lusher than expected! A sterile space comes alive where people must pass daily and now have something to enjoy!

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