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Welcome to Olivo Medical Wellness Centers, where we are not only dedicated to the health and well being our patients but also the heart of the community and educating the people around us through patient education and events.

*Disclaimer: The website is currently under construction please be patient with us as the website is not yet fully built. If you have any question or concerns give us a call or visit us in person!

The location on Clybourn will be closed until further notice due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and various remodeling changes.

The location on 2412 Fullerton will be closed due to the outbreak and will re-open on April 6th at 9 am.

    We understand the growing concern over the all the recent news surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic. We recommend you follow the guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control)– wash your hands frequently and stay home from work if you are sick.

    We are following recommended precautions ourselves. As of right now we recommend that you stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with others who are sick. Otherwise we will continue to see patients as usual and be vigilant when news. Thank you for your patience and trust.

    A Note from Dr. Olivo

    We are now offering home visits at the following rates. For houses within a mile from my office I will charge $350, and for houses 2 to 6 miles from my office it will be $600. If you want additional services such as blood work, flu, or strep testing there will be additional charges. If you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in direct contact with someone who has it, there is no need to contact me, it is best to immediately go to a hospital for these purposes. Before a proper consultation we will have a preliminary phone call. These sessions are meant to be for people who are experiencing symptoms unrelated to COVID-19, but still may require medical attention. This will reduce the strain on hospitals which are currently dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, contact Dr. Olivo directly at: (773) 716-7281

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