Cary V. Hall III - CEO

Cary V. Hall III (Chip) is a 30+ year veteran of the Waste and Recycling Industry through the Eastern U.S. and is N.O.P.E.’s Founder.  His experience includes sales and operation of waste hauling equipment; sales, design and development of recycling material recovery facilities; and management of waste processing machinery and systems.  His career-long focus on the environment and logistical efficiency led to the vision for N.O.P.E. After realizing that food waste was a growing problem in Virginia and that the infrastructure for dealing with it was lacking, he formed the company in his garage and oversaw its growth and expansion. A Coast Guard veteran, Chip is extremely active in the community and is a founding member of the Virginia Composting Council, where he serves as treasurer.

Marshall Hall - Director of Operations

Marshall Hall is Director of Operations at N.O.P.E. and serves as our composting advocate. In addition to his oversight of our vehicle fleet and collection routes, he works with clients on process improvement and continuing education. After spending his early career in the hospitality and mechanical fields, Marshall saw the unique opportunities and challenges that organic diversion presented for companies and organizations and joined N.O.P.E. in 2010. He serves as a director on the Virginia Compost Council and is extremely active in the B-Corp community, having spearheaded N.O.P.E.’s entry into the Richmond community.

Our Partners

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