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Full service wellness based primary care doctor in Dedham, MA.

Patient First Primary Care

Why Choose Greater Boston Wellness Primary Care Physicians?  GBWPC is a patient centered, independent medical practice affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital located at Dedham Health and Athletic Complex in Dedham, Ma.  We offer traditional primary care, routine examinations and management of chronic disease, injury and illness with a focus on wellness.   The Physician Owner Dr. Teehan is a a Graduate of Tufts Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health who is affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, New England Baptist Hospital and Cambridge Health Alliance.  Dr. Teehan practices a wellness based primary care model that balances the best of traditional medical care with principles of spiritual and physical wellness.  AT GBWPC we emphasize spending time with our patients and place a focus on healing.   Dr. Teehan is also the Medical Director for the City of Boston Fire Department and practices urgent care in Dedham, Ma.

We specialize in in the integrative treatment of diabetes and pre-diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol!

Primary Care

We practice traditional full service primary care with a focus on mental and physical wellness, nutrition and fitness. Our specialties are Cardiovascular Preve-ntion and Metabolic Disease (Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol).

Occupational Medicine

We offer full service primary care of work related illness and injuries and worker's comp, environmental medicine consultations (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chemical Sensitivities, etc) and Corporate/Employee Wellness

Services that we offer


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Are You Diabetic or Pre Diabetic? Has your Doctor explained “The Glycemic Load” To You Yet?

Most medical practices treat Diabetes and Pre Diabetes with powerful medications and Insulin and, if needs be, at GBWPC we can do that too.  What most Diabetics do not know, mainly because most physicians don't take time to explain it, is that a simple way of eating may reduce or even eliminate reliance on medications.  The Glycemic Load is a scale that measures how much different foods impact blood sugar levels.  Diabetic patients are often shocked to learn that a corn muffin or a bowl of rice may be as bad for their blood sugar levels as eating a spoonful of sugar!   At GBWPC, Dr. Teehan takes the time to ensure that all diabetics understand the Glycemic Load!   This is just one example of how wellness is a part of our daily practice.  

Dr. Dennis Teehan MD MPH

What Our Clients Say

Dennis is amazing I had a phobia of doctors and dentist Dennis made me feel so comfortable. Would recommend Dennis to anyone!!!

~Mike P.

The doctor Went out of his way to work around my schedule. Really cares about you and your interest / health concerns. Well informed and knowledgeable.

~Neil W.

Very prompt and helpful. Explained everything he wanted to do and was very personable.

~Stephanie M.




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