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Long Term Care Insurance

Unfortunately, when it comes to long-term care for the elderly, your chances are over 60% that you will incur those long-term care expenses. Did you know that the average cost of nursing home care costs about $100,000/year in New Hampshire and the average stay in long-term care averages two and a half years? That’s $250,000!

Many people mistakenly think Medicare covers Long-Term Care. Medicare only covers skilled nursing care after a hospitalization. The limit for this rehabilitative care is 100 days. Medicaid covers nursing home care only after the estate has no assets left. It is important to be aware of this financial exposure so that you can prepare. When beginning your retirement planning, one important thing to consider is Long-term Care Insurance since it can do both!

“How can I protect my retirement dreams?”

"What can I do to help to conserve my estate for my heirs?"

There are four choices to consider:

You can do nothing and hope for the best. Good Luck!

You can put your estate in a Trust and protect your assets, if you can beat the 5 year look back.  Unfortunately, if the nursing home can’t get paid at better than the Medicaid reimbursement rate, then there will be few if any beds, near your loved ones. And the best nursing homes are unwilling to take less than half the cost of care that they receive from Medicaid.

You can purchase Long-term Care Insurance and help protect what you have worked and saved for. If you purchase it when you are young and healthy, long-term care insurance can be an affordable cost. If you wait until later, your rates will be much higher and you may be uninsurable, since the insurance companies require underwriting with every application. Our advice is to act now while you are younger and healthy.

One of our favorite options is Universal Life Insurance! When it comes to retirement planning, this is one of the wisest investments you should consider. If you need care, then you can get a part of the face value of your policy and use the funds anyway you see fit. If you are lucky enough to not need the care, it is not spent money. Then, you can use the funds accumulated for retirement or to increase your estate.

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There are many carriers; each with different features that we can shop to find your lowest cost and most affordable solutions. Some of the insurance companies that we can represent are: Genworth, John Hancock, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, Aetna, Medico, Standard Life, Assurity, CIGNA, MetLife, Illinois Mutual and Principal. Why do we shop so many different companies? To deliver your lowest cost solution at the best price available based on your health, estimated financial needs and budget.


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