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Individual Health Insurance

Are you looking for affordable individual or family health insurance plans in New Hampshire? If employer group health insurance is not available or too expensive we can help. If you are self employed or would like to be, this may be your chance to go for it! Now you can protect your family without job lock. You can even get subsidy to keep your health insurance costs low while you build that new big business! We can tell you about all of your health care options from each health insurance provider in NH and help you sort through a lot of complicated information, quickly and easily. Selecting the correct health insurance plan is critical since open enrollment comes only once a year. Don’t try this alone. The rates for health insurance plans in NH are the same with or without an insurance agent. Let our experience and knowledge help you make the right decision.

What can an Independent Insurance Agent do for me VS.? Insurance Companies?

Insurance agents in NH work for you and not the insurance companies. As INDEPENDENT Insurance Agents, the only one we need to please is you! At FREE AGENTS NH, we do this every day. We can easily navigate a very complicated system and help you select the most suitable solution for your health care; with far less pain and uncertainty. Our service is absolutely FREE, our value Priceless! The insurance companies pay us.

As a result of doing a great job each and every day for our clients, we have been honored to be included in the Advisory Boards of each health insurance company in NH. That means we are on top of changes and opportunities and are more qualified to help you with any problems that may arise. We can help you apply, help with any life changes during the year and help you to select the right health insurance plan each year! We will keep you informed. Yearly we meet early fall with the insurance companies, to learn about new health insurance plans, provider networks and prices so that you don’t have to.

If you speak directly to an insurance company, their employees will only tell you about the health insurance plans and health care options that their company has available (NOT INDEPENDENT). Insurance companies will not provide information on other health insurance plans offered in New Hampshire. This leaves you without all the important facts!

Individual Health Insurance Plans with the Marketplace!

Currently the best resource for affordable health insurance plans in NH are those offered at or also known as the Marketplace. If you try to research health insurance coverage with the Marketplace, they can’t make any recommendations and are only trained to help you complete an application (ORDER TAKERS WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE); another reason Independent Insurance Agents are more helpful in finding affordable health insurance.

Open Enrollment for health insurance begins each year in the late fall, with earliest health care coverage beginning January of the next year. When open enrollment ends, you cannot get health insurance unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Free Agents NH can help you determine if a Special Enrollment Period is available to you. If you lost coverage from an employer, a divorce, aging off your parent's policy at 26 or moved then you could enroll prior to or after that loss of health coverage.

Things to be aware of when looking for Affordable Individual Health Insurance!

Health Insurance companies can no longer discriminate based on pre-existing conditions so you can rest easy. It is important to understand your special needs and how each company will handle those needs. Are there copays, coinsurance or deductibles? What is your family’s health care going to cost? Is a high deductible, low cost Health Savings Account (HSA) with lower monthly premiums a better value than a Bronze, Silver or Gold plan? Free Agents NH is an insurance agency in New Hampshire that specializes in health insurance.

Each health insurance company has very different provider networks. We help you research your providers and identify the most suitable and affordable health insurance option to fit your unique needs. Do you need providers in Massachusetts? Free Agents NH can help. Do you want to include every hospital in NH? Let our insurance agents help with that.

Prescription drug coverage is included in New Hampshire Health Insurance Plans, but each health insurance company has different formularies. We can help you check to be sure that your prescriptions are included in the formularies and to determine what the cost/copays would be.

Get the best price available and get the entire subsidy that you may qualify for. Free Agents NH will help you with your application and help to determine your eligibility for help paying for your insurance.  About 80% of the citizens of the US qualify for some help. Some of our clients thought that they could not get affordable health insurance, but found that they could have great health care for less than the tax penalty for going without!

Free Agents NH, LLC is your unique resource as your New Hampshire Health Insurance Agent!
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