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Group Health Insurance

One of the most common question amongst small business owners is "How can I get Employer Group Health Insurance?"

As an employer, you know that employee benefits are very important in attracting and retaining quality employees. Employer Group Health Insurance is an important benefit. Equally important, is to find the right benefit at the right price! Affordable health insurance can be a key factor in finding Group Health Insurance, both for the employer and the employee. Our objective is to add creativity to your situation and to achieve a successful end at your lowest possible cost. Put Free Agents NH, LLC to the test!

If you are an employer in New Hampshire and looking for group insurance coverage
Then you deserve the very best from your insurance agent!


If you have a great insurance agent then congratulations! Unfortunately, many employers do not get the effort from their insurance agent that they deserve. Does he or she shop all of the insurance companies each year at renewal? Without shopping, there is no certainty that you have the most suitable and affordable plans and the best price. Often times, the smaller employers are overlooked while other agents are looking for the next LARGE EMPLOYER. We value every employer that we have the opportunity and honor of adding to our list of happy clients. We treat the small employer just like the larger employers. Maybe you will be our next “big company”. Our largest client started with us, at a kitchen table with an idea and two employees!

Group Insurance Plans

When offering your employee benefits; such as medical insurance plans, Free Agents NH can provide you with insurance quotes for your consideration. We can help you sort out the various options and as your insurance agent, provide you with expert advice. Free Agents NH has been in the business for over 15 years – don’t do this alone! Group benefits like dental insurance plans, disability insurance, life insurance, whole life insurance and/or term life insurance can be other options to offer your employees at little or no cost to you. Voluntary plans do not require insuring your entire staff.

Sometimes there are better options than employer group health insurance.

Subsidized health insurance plans:
we have helped many small employers and schools offer lower cost, subsidized insurance to their employees. The employer gets to help their employees with affordable health insurance cost and the contributions can still be tax deductible.

Health Savings Accounts: are another health insurance plan that can be a great option, with high perceived value by your employees. By offering a Health Savings Account, you can reduce cost and increase tax free benefits for your employees. Savings contributed to the account become tax free income to employee and tax deductible for the employer.

Free Agents NH would like to talk with small employers
that feel like an agent should be doing more than just showing up at renewal,
to get you to sign up for a new plan with less benefits and higher costs.
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