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Celebrating Floral Park's History

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Floral Park is located in western Nassau County, New York. The village was incorporated in 1908.

  • For more information about our activities, available collectibles, questions or Museum Tours, please e-mail anncorbett@corbettpr.com or call Ann at (516) 775-4539 / (516) 532-1518

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“Senior” residents wishing to offer an oral history of their fond memories of Floral Park are welcomed to please contact Ann!

Send a 100th Birthday Card to Jeanne Petta,

FPHS Director Emeritus
to Celebrate Jeanne’s 100th Birthday!
Jeanne Petta, Director Emeritus and founding member of the Floral Park Historical Society was born on May 20, 1924.
Jeanne’s daughter, Carol O’Hara will be hosting an Open House Party in New Hampshire on May 25th to celebrate the occasion.

The FPHS is asking folks to send 100th Birthday cards to Jeanne. Carol hopes to place at least 100 cards in a special binder for Jeanne to enjoy at the

Send Birthday Cards to Jeanne @
Address: Jeanne Petta, c/o Carole O’Hara, 111 Old Rte 109, Moultonborough NH 03254

     Please click here-> CURRENT NEWSLETTER  for Jeanne’s Bio!

Our Adventure Continues!

Stay Tuned in for * Future Meetings Notices & More Details!

* September – Antique Road Show at The Rec/Pool Center

FPHS 25th Anniversary in 2024
 Sunday, October 27th after 4:00pm
* Cost approximately $40 to $50. FPHS may pick up half *
* Menu will include a glass of wine, choice from ️ four entrees and cake *

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2024! 

Floral Park Historical Society

Stay tuned for more details on our 

FPHS 25th Anniversary Celebration Event

at Swing the Teapot Restaurant, Sunday, October 27

 Dear Floral Park Historical Society Members and Friends,

         A reminder: This year 2024 our FPHS is celebrating its 25th Anniversary!

Please keep in mind that our museum is open for Docent Tours by appointment - adults, young people.

Times are flexible. Just call 516 775-4539 / 516-532-1518 for more information.

         The society is always grateful for donations of photos, paintings, documents that make our archival collection complete.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Ann V. Corbett, President

516 775-4539 / 516-532-1518




CURRENT NEWSLETTER (menu item above) = Spring-Summer Edition, Read about Jeanne Petta’s Life Story.

Send Jeanne a Birthday Card for becoming Three Numbers!

Thank you for your continued support!

Stay Healthy and Enjoy a WONDERFUL Spring… STAY tuned in!

Upcoming Programs – more information & times to follow… HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!

Unless otherwise indicated, programs, meetings and events are held at the Floral Park Recreation /Pool Building at the Recreation Center located at Stewart Street at 2 p.m. Open to the Public / Free admission

Floral Park Historical Society Collectibles

Ask about our collectible keepsakes and museum-quality floral prints, reproduced from John Lewis Childs' original seed catalog artwork, when you attend our next meeting or event or please contact Ann Corbett.


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