Property COdes

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Property Code Violation Codes  

351.15 Unlicensed, Inoperable Vehicles/Unusable Auto Parts

351.99 Front Yard Parking

505.14 Keeping and Maintaining Wild Animals

521.06 Duty to keep sidewalks in repair/clean

521.09 Noxious Odors, Offensive Odors

521.08 Depositing or Scattering Rubbish

521.11 Tree, Shrub Obstruction & Nuisance Abatement

521.15 Cutting of High Grass & Weeds

951.06 Mandatory Trash Service

1397.05 Refuse, Rubbish & Garbage Disposal

1397.07 General Maintenance Regulations

1397.08 Maintenance of Foundations:
a. Structurally Sound
b. Protected Against Entrance of Rodents

1397.09 Maintenance of Roofs, Gutters & Downspouts

1397.10 Maintenance of Exterior Structures & Accessory Buildings
(Garages, Sheds, etc)

1397.11 Pest Control

1397.12 Exterior Property Areas
a. Fences, walls, or structures
b. Non-usable appliances, machinery & equipment
c. Rugs, rags or material
d. Furniture, mattresses, or etc.
e. Dirt, material, sand, etc.
f. Swales Maintained
1397.13 Accessory Buildings Maintained

Robert M. Norris SSD

 Robert M. Norris SSD

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