Permits & Fees

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Zoning Permits & Other Permits


(Anything Exterior/Need Permit excluding windows)


FENCE – ($5.00)
Lawn Fence – One FT in property line/ any fence side can face owner
Street Side – 10 FT along curb to allow for easement, 4 FT Height on street side
1 FT from sidewalk (No sidewalk – 12 FT from curb)
(No Building Permit Required)

DECK – ($5.00)
Deck – Built to house – Permit 5 FT. from property line

Must have a fence around it – 10 FT off line. (After zoning permit, will need building permit from Mahoning County)

If deck is attached to pool – 5 FT off line
No deck – 8 FT off line

All commercial roofs, siding, (anything exterior) gets Zoning Permit $20.00
Must also get a building permit – after zoning……send to Mahoning County for Building Permit.

UTILITY BUILDING (Limit 12x12) –Shed
3 FT in from property line (no building permit)
*Although, if it’s bigger than 12x12 it is considered a pole barn. It would require a building permit and a footer. Footer 4 FT. Utility Building Permit would be $20.00

GARAGE ($20.00)
16 FT from back property line, Footer 3 FT.

REPLAT ($5.00)
SSD & Mayor sign and then send them to the County Recorder


AMUSEMENT PERMITS (such as pool tables, bowling, games, juke boxes, etc, Safety Director Office, refer to codified for prices)

STREET OPENINGS (Safety Service Director) $100.00

GARAGE YARD SALE and/or ESTATE SALE PERMITS (Mayor's Office) $2.00 (3 days)

OCCUPANCY PERMITS (SSD) after inspection $50.00 each
(If inspected within the same year, permit is $15.00)

PARKING SPACES (no fee required)
Restaurants For every 50 Square Feet – 1 Parking Spot

Retail For every 200 Square Feet – 1 Spot

Pews 1 Spot for 18 Feet of Pew
Chair/Seat 1 Spot for every 2 Seats

                                  $25 month
Only one permit needed “per” business; must have a valid driver’s license and/or picture ID for every individual going door to door. Copies of License made of each individual going door to door; and once permit is given; give a copy to Police Dispatch

To Advertise on Downtown Sign: No political use!!!
Non Profit   1 Day - $10
                   3 Days - $20
                   1 Week $35

Other          1 Day - $15
                   3 Days - $30
                   1 Week $55

MAUTHE PARK & PAVILION RENTALS  Refer to Auditor’s Office

SANITARY SEWER TAP IN  Refer to Wastewater (Linda Clyde in Auditor’s Office)
PLUMBING PERMITS  (Auditor’s Office)

Pricing for Licenses are as follows:

Billiards:                     $50.00 for 1st table and $5.00 for each additional table

Bowling Alleys:           $35.00 for 1st alley and $5.00 for each additional alley

Juke Box:                   $25.00 per Juke Box

Games of Skill:           $250.00 for 1st game and $5.00 for each additional game

Amusement Devices: $50.00 for 1st device and $25.00 for each additional device

Entertainment:            $25.00 per day; $35 per month; $100.00 per year

Vending Machines:     $10.00 per machine

City of Struthers Zoning, Permits & Fees