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Slat Repair

We have a coating that will repair, rebuild, and protect your hog slats. Instead of replacing slats that have large chips and showing rock, we can save the slat and increase the life span of the slats with our products. If you have a new barn, we can protect the slats from the start and make them last many years longer. This one-time application coating decreases cleaning time significantly and adds years of life to your slats which saves you a great deal of money. In addition, there will not be any need to reapply concrete repair products wherever our coating exists.


  • disease free
  • rebuild
  • durable
  • slip resistant
  • preventative
  • double the life of slats

See below for information about Super Slat Guard that we apply. 

SL- Self Leveling - This is a thick coating used when we need to rebuild eroded slats. Such as when the slats are pitting, showing aggregate, or have deep pockets. We also use this product right in front of feeders where the pigs hooves are constantly wearing the slats. 

Guard - This is a thinner coating, yet adds and widens slat protection. We use this to square off areas where we apply SL, and when customers want all off their slats protected. 

SL 16 - The newest product in the line. This is an in-between thickness that we can apply on brand new slats which will prevent slats from ever starting to erode. It can also be used on Slats that are not in very bad shape and need to be protected before further damage occurs.  We use this to coat under the drinkers too. 

Guard Patch - this product rebuilds and repairs concrete feeder pads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to apply?

Typically we can coat 20-40 feeders in 2-3 days.  We ask that we are the only crew working in the barn as we have to prep the coating areaas before applying.  Since we coat large area, other people walking in our work area can cause to have a to redo prep and/or coatings.

Can you sell me the product and I coat my own slats?

You wouldn't really want to, our crew makes it look very easy, but it is highly labor intensive. In addition, we would not warranty the product without our crew's prep and application. 

When can we resume normal traffic on the slats?

We ask for 12 hours cure time before using, however, we have had pigs on our product as soon as 8 hours with no complications.

Do I need to move gates and feeders?

Our coating will cover a much larger area than mats and damaging feed will go through the slots or sit on the protected slat, but not damage the slat.  We can work around all the equipment (feeders, pads, gates, etc).  However; if you would like us to coat under the feeders, please move them.

Can you coat my drinkers?

Absolutely, we do this a lot!  While you are at it, let us coat your whole barn!  You will be amazed at how much time you save power washing your barn

How much does it cost?

The cost of the coating varies widely because of different conditions of the barn.  The cost for a new barn is $225-$250 per feeder.  An older barn with chips and eroding slats typically run $300-$400 per feeder.  We charge per application kit and labor.  If you would like to send us some pictures, we may be able to narrow an estimate for you.  Please contact Al @ 712-269-7638 or Landa @ 712-269-1526.

How long will the product last?

This product will last 10-20 years.  We warranty the product for 5 years.  We stand behind our product.  Should there be any issue with our application, we repair any issue.


Thank you for your interest in Super Slat Guard! We hope to assist you soon!

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