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M&M American Builders of NH


World Class Customer Service.

M&M American Builders of NH, LLC can help you meet project schedules with your millwork or casework installations.

Millwork Installation

Laboratory casework, specialties installation, cabinets and casework, wall panels and decorative panels.


Solid surface, running trim, doors/frames/hardware, cabinets and casework and more for Institutional, Commercial and Residential spaces.

New Construction

Specializing in Laboratory spaces, with experience in Commercial and Residential projects.

Your Partner for Success

M&M American Builders of NH, LLC is a growing company from Manchester, New Hampshire. We have the expertise in projects ranging from, but not limited to, Commercial, Institutional, Retail and Residential. Our finish carpenters are the core of American Builders. We are successful in completing scheduled projects with professionalism and excellence.


Each project always provides the same level of quality and attention, while embracing values, a solid and consistent communication is essential to ensure schedule expectations are being met. While business consulting arrangements define intended deliverables, invariably, subjectivity is also part of the equation. Intangible factors, such as scope clarity, knowledge base, experience and technical skill, all play a part of delivering on intended results. M&M American Builders of NH, LLC is your partner for success.


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