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Web Site Settings

Welcome to our tutorial on how to use the Web Site Settings section of your 4.0 website. This section is devoted to various options and settings that allow you to fine tune various technical aspects of your website. To begin please click the arrow next to the tutorial on how to Open Web Site Settings, and then for a full explanation of what each field controls click the arrow next to How to Use Web Site Settings. If you have any further questions on the significance of any section feel free to contact our 24/7 technical support for more information.

  • From the Tools menu, select Web Site Settings.
  • The Web Site Settings window will open.

  • Web Site Name - This is the name of your web site, which is used in the URL of the site if you do not use a domain name.
  • Company Name - This is automatically added to the title of any new page you create.
  • Web Site Language / Region - This affects the language of your ecommerce live site and admin.
  • eCommerce Domain - This sets the domain name used for your ecommerce pages. It will not change anything for secure pages, such as the Account and Checkout pages.
  • Web Site Assistance Option - This determines whether the person who sold you your site is able to access your admin.
  • Mobile Site - This enables a special mobile version of your site if you do not use a responsive design. We highly recommend using a responsive design rather than using this option.
  • jQuery Version - This determines which version of jQuery is used on your site. We highly recommend using 3.3.1.
  • Web Site Social Media Accounts - You can enter your accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. It is only used for reference, it does not have a tangible effect.
  • Web Site Phone & Email - It is only used for reference, it does not have a tangible effect.
  • Web Site Address - It is only used for reference, it does not have a tangible effect, except that the information may be randomly included in the Title of your homepage.
  • Full Site Advanced Settings - You can add HTML, Javascript, or CSS code here and it will be included on all pages of your web site.
  • Enable Language Groups - Language Groups allow you to assign a language to a page and to individual menu items. All menu items associated with a specific Language Group will automatically show for pages matching the same Language Group while other menu items will be hidden.

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