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Welcome to our tutorial on managing your website using our page list. This visual guide will instruct you on the advanced features you can access in your 4.0 website administration. This covers such basic topics as adding new pages, selecting a page to edit, and publishing your changes so that they appear on the live website. Advanced topics such as Editing Page Settings are also covered to allow you to add custom programming to the head tag section of your website.To begin click the arrow next to a topic below and our visual guide will appear. To advance to the next step simply click the next button inside the appropriate box.

  • Add New Page
  • Create Default Pages - Creates the initial pages available for your selected template, if any have been deleted.
  • Build Preview - Saves the changes you've made (since the last Preview) to a temporary "preview" version of the site not normally available to the public.
  • View Preview - Opens the temporary "preview" version of the site.
  • Publish Web Site - Saves the changes you've made (since the last Publish) to the live web site.
  • View Live Web Site
  • View - Changes the amount of pages visible in the Page List.
  • Add Filter - Allows you to choose criteria to have the page list only show pages matching that criteria.
  • Edit Page
  • Edit Settings - Opens the Page Settings for the page you have checked.
  • Set as Home Page - Sets the page you've checked to be the home page of the web site.
  • Disable - Sets the page(s) you've checked to not be available on the live web site.
  • Enable - Sets any Disabled page(s) you've checked to be available on the live web site.
  • Delete - Deletes the page(s) you've checked.
  • From the Page List, click Add New Page
  • Enter a Short Page Name. A Page File Name, Page Title, and Menu Item Name will be automatically generated based on what you enter. These fields can be edited individually.
  • Choose whether or not to Create Menu Item?.
  • Choose a page to Copy From.
  • Click Add Page.
  • From the Page List, check the box you would like to edit, then click Edit Settings.
  • You can change the Short Page Name, Page File Name, and Page Title. You can also add Page Keywords and a Page Description.
  • Clicking the > next to Advanced Settings will open a textarea where you can add HTML, CSS, or Javascript code to modify your page.
  • When you are finished, click Save.

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