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Geotextiles are special synthetic fabrics manufactured in a woven or non-woven manner to form blanket-like products with the benefit of being permeable to water and rot-proof. Geotextiles have a number of uses primarily in civil engineering such as with road construction or erosion control. Geotextiles also can be used for horticultural projects for prevention of weed growth or as a filter layer. Whatever your need, let the staff of EDP, Inc. help you determine the product for you!

Much of the geosynthetics industry - as we know it today - is the direct result of the pioneering efforts of Carthage Mills that began with the first use of a woven "plastic filter cloth" in 1958.

Carthage Mills’ FX® Line of woven slit film geotextiles offers immediate and cost effective solutions for most separation and stabilization applications. By providing and maintaining separation of the aggregate and subgrade soils, the system life of both paved and unpaved roadways is extended significantly. In unpaved applications, the aggregate remains useful throughout the entire life of the job, and access to work sites remains trouble free through all types of weather. Stabilization is provided primarily by their high strength at low elongation that distributes loads and reduces or eliminates rutting.

Carthage Mills’ woven monofilaments were America’s first filter fabrics and the only ones that have been used successfully for more than 50 years. They can be found in literally tens of thousands of projects designed and managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, all levels of foreign and local governments, and private entities around the world. Carthage Mills can quickly fabricate custom widths and lengths for your specific project thereby reducing waste and installation times.
Woven monofilament geotextiles can provide ‘long term’ solutions for nearly any drainage/filtration application, thus making them the filter fabric of choice for bulkheads, subsurface drainage systems and under hard armor. Effective levels of Percent Open Area, a property found critical to long term filtration, are unique to woven monofilaments. Values ³4% indicate that a sufficient quantity of ‘direct paths’ through the fabric exist to allow for the release of troublesome migrating fines. The subsequent formation of a free flowing filter cake against the surface of a free flowing filter fabric is the designers’ insurance against long term clogging of their systems.



















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