Description: Tilt-Up Roof-Mount Installation in Lakeside, CA
Solar Array: 38 Kyocera 210 Watt Solar PV Modules (Model KD210GX-LPU)
Inverters: 1 SMA Sunny Boy 5000 Watt (Model SB5000US) & 1 SMA Sunny Boy 3000 Watt (Model SB3000US)
California Energy Commission Rating: 6.669 kW
Racking System: ProSolar RoofTrac (Deep Rail)
Attachments: ProSolar FastJack & ProSolar SolarWedge
Roof Type: Asphalt Shingle & Asphalt Roll (Torchdown)
Azimuth: 190 degrees (True South = 180 degrees)
System Startup Date: December 30, 2009
The 12 and 26 Module Sub-Arrays were projected to produce 4146 and 8774 kWh annually respectively for a annual total of 12920 kWh. After the first year,  the Sub-Arrays were producing 4.0% and 4.6% better than projected. Note that the 26 Module Sub-Array was installed on a roof that was almost flat so the Modules were installed in a ProSolar SolarWedge racking system that tilted the Modules south at 15 degrees for increased kWh production.
“Mission Solar was recommended to me by my financial adviser.  She said they were great to work with and handled the installation with virtually no work from the customer.  I contacted James Pinon and he completed a study of my usage and recommended a couple of scenarios for me to pick from.  He gave me information on the installation process, what type of solar panels he would be using and the inverters that would be installed.  The installation was painless and done in a very timely manner.  He handled everything with SDG&E and the governmental agencies with a most professional manner.  I worked for the utility for 35 years and really appreciate great customer service like James Pinon and Mission Solar provided.”
Fred L.
Lakeside, CA




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