Description: SunFrame Installation in Tierrasanta (San Diego, CA)
Solar Array: 30 Kyocera 205 Watt Solar PV Modules (Model KD205GX-LP)
Inverters: 2 Xantrex 2800 Watt (Model GT2.8-NA-240/208)
California Energy Commission Rating: 5.076 kW
Racking System: Unirac SunFrame
Attachments: Unirac 3” Standoffs
Roof Type: Asphalt Shingle
Azimuth: 205 degrees (True South = 180 degrees)
System Startup Date: July 24, 2008
This customer wanted as much power as possible but had many on roof obstacles and shading objects. So we went with a multiple Inverter design which has good shading tolerance. Also, since the Array was visible from the street, the customer wanted it to look as nicely as possible. So we used a Unirac SunFrame racking system that was designed for aesthetics. It is all black (no clear anodized aluminum) and has no space between the modules. The system was projected to produce 9681 kWh annually. After its first year of operation it produced 10646 kWh which is almost 10% better than projected and since then has continued to operate flawlessly.
“In Summer 2008 I contracted with Mission Solar Electric to install a Solar PV System on my residence. The system they proposed using Kyocera Solar Modules, which has an excellent reputation for quality, performance and longevity, were just what was needed. In spite of the many on roof obstacles, Mission Solar was able to design and professionally install a system that has performed better than my expectations and the installation still looks great. The system has easily provided 100% of my electrical as well as my heating/cooling loads using a heat pump for the past 2 years. I expect similar performance for years to come given Kyocera’s reputation.”
Ben F.
Tierrasanta Neighborhood of San Diego




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