Description: Asphalt Shingle Installation in Poway, CA
Solar Array: 22 Kyocera 205 Watt Solar PV Modules (Model KD205GX-LP)
Inverter: 1 Xantrex 3800 Watt (Model GT3.8-NA-240/208 )
California Energy Commission Rating: 3.762 kW
Racking System: Unirac SolarMount
Attachments: Unirac 4” Standoffs
Roof Type: Asphalt Shingles
Azimuth: 282 degrees (True South = 180 degrees)
System Startup Date: July 4, 2008
This site is another example where you can get good Solar PV system performance even under non-ideal orientations. In this case, the back of the residence faces 12 degrees north of true west. Although winter time production will be down, summer time production will be excellent. The system is also poised for future time-of-use billing because the system produces most when the price of power is the highest....summer months during peak hours. This system was projected to produce 6495 kWh annually. After almost 3 years of flawless operation it exceeding projections by 6.4%.
“June 2011 will be the 3rd billing anniversary of my 3.8 kW Kyocera solar array installed by James Pinon of Mission Solar Electric of San Diego. His professional and speedy work (including the extra effort to coordinate with my concurrent roofing project) has resulted in a trouble free efficient system. It has covered 100% of our consumption and this year is heading toward a payment to me from SDG&E of between $100-$200. My hopes are to apply this in the near future toward charging requirements of a plug-in hybrid car. James and Mission Solar Electric are a locally owned business that provide a quality installation and product. In addition, James Pinon's extensive knowledge was instrumental in providing me with the largest possible system optimized  for my needs and budget.”

Harry A.
Poway Ca.




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