Description: Asphalt Shingle Installation in Tierrasanta (San Diego, CA)
Solar Array: 36 Kyocera 185 Watt Solar PV Modules (Model KD185GX-LPU)
Inverter: 1 SMA 6000 Watt (Model SB6000US)
California Energy Commission Rating: 5.745 kW
Racking System: ProSolar RoofTrac
Attachments: ProSolar 4-1/2” FastJacks
Roof Type: Asphalt Shingle
Azimuth: 243 degrees (True South = 180 degrees)
System Startup Date: July 16, 2010
This system was projected to produce 10312 kWh annually. Since startup it has operated flawlessly and exceeded expectations by about 2%. Note the flashed FastJack attachments for long term weatherproofing.

"I'm very pleased with my solar electric generation system installed by Mission Solar Electric. It was a pleasure working with James Pinon and his team. The process was trouble free, timely and the workmanship was exceptional. I especially appreciate the installation of the high quality Kyocera solar panels. Already, since my system was installed eight months ago, I have had several months where my electric generation exceeded my electric usage."


Larry G.

Tierrasanta Neighborhood of San Diego, CA




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