Description: Asphalt Shingle Installation in La Mesa, CA
Solar Array: 26 Kyocera 205 Watt Solar PV Modules (Model KD205GX-LPU)
Inverter: 1 SMA 5000 Watt (Model SB5000US)
California Energy Commission Rating: 4.469 kW
Racking System: ProSolar RoofTrac
Attachments: QuickMount Composition Mounts
Roof Type: Asphalt Shingle
Azimuth: 205 degrees (True South = 180 degrees)
System Startup Date: November 17, 2009
This system was projected to produce 8544 kWh annually. Since startup it has operated flawlessly and exceeded expectations by over 6%. Note the low profile of the Array which is an advantage of the QuickMount attachments compared to traditional flashing. The top of the Array is about 5.5” off the roof deck. Note also the shade structure around the Inverter. Most Inverter can be installed indoors or outdoors but should not be in the direct sun, especially the mid-day sun.

"What a relief to find Mission Solar Electric and James Pinon.  He designed a photo voltaic system to meet my needs and explained the options, costs and available rebates.  The installation was quick, efficient and very professional.  I’m so pleased that I chose Mission Solar Electric and I will continue to encourage others to install Kyocera solar panels and to choose Mission Solar Electric."


Josan F.

La Mesa, CA




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